Guide to Choosing the Best LEDs

Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) are semiconductor light sources that last longer than regular light bulbs. This is because they emit light based on the amount of electrons and current which pass through the semiconductor. They are not more luminous than regular light bulbs, therefore they are only able to light a small portion of an area versus an entire room. The colors that are emitted from the light are usually shades of the primary colors known as red, green and blue. The LEDs are also very small and are normally only used vehicle: turn signals, brake lights, illuminating dashboard features, illuminating steering wheel lights and lights on the console. Other small electronic items may also utilize LEDs to illuminate power buttons, display and keypads. Even though LEDs have a longer life span than regular lights, when the light begins to dim, change colors or decrease in intensity, it may be time to replace the it.

Replacing LEDs are not expensive, but the consumer should make certain of the type of LED that is needed before the purchase is made. The buyer should also ensure that the manufacturer of the LED is a trusted company that provides quality products to its customers. This information may be found by conducting research on various LED manufacturers and reading feedback online from previously confirmed buyers of the products. Choosing the right manufacturer may mean a great difference in the color output, intensity level and longevity of the light.

Some of the most trusted products that consumers purchase the most are the Energy Star certified LED products. Another popular choice is the Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED). The OLED is popular because it contains an organic semiconductor and an organic compound film on top of the bulb. The result is a clearer viewing area and a more crisp object illumination. For these reasons, OLED is normally used for computer monitor and television displays.

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